Bailey sitting by the front door in the sun

I am Bailey a little white Chihuahua. Named Bailey from a little light brown patch on my ear, just like the Baileys drink. Plus my parents like a drink or two so being named after something alcoholic doesn't surprise me. Mind you they have given me a few names, Little Mexican Monkey and Bailey Big Balls. I was happy to respond to them all. 

I was born in February 2013, passed away 4th March 2014. My mum(Sarah) & dad(Dan) have had me since May 2013. Before that I was living in a house that was a bit manic. Stayed with Simon Smith for a week (Dads mechanic) Dad only popped round to pick up an MOT certificate, I had a few cuddles, I knew Dad liked me. I was happy for him to take me home there and then.


First photo of Bailey Dad had to ask Mum, they weren't thinking of getting a dog, but i knew Dad had a soft spot for me. Dad took a photo and sent it to mum. Showing off that he was having cuddle. Though this isn't my best side, looks like i have a neck of a Llama.Mum and dad came back later that day. I tried my best with mum, behaving and Mum also fell in love with me. They took me home :) I was well happy, although sad to leave Simon, Megan and Jill I knew i could come back to visit.


If you use a retractable lead for your dog, be careful near roads, they may be fine for the woods. Near a road and the lead extends accidentally it WILL cause a loss of life, I learnt that one. Read this Retractable dog lead dangers article.



I like sleep, walks and treats. Also it makes me very happy when my parents are home. When dad or mum comes back from work I hear the car and then I wait at the patio window, when i see them I get very excited. 

Sunday's is my favorite day. Both Dad and Mum are in. We have a lazy time getting up in the mornings. Dad usually goes on his laptop to do some work. I cuddle up on the sofa with mum or sit under the radiator on my large dog pillow. Or maybe I will sit on my own 2 seater sofa with sponge bob and piglett and all my other toys and chews. Another reason this is my favorite day is my mum and dad talk about the woods. I love that word 'Woods' it gets me all excited. Don't get me wrong I like the park but its not as good as the woods, the smells in the woods are amazing. we go in the car to Creech Woods in Denmead, its only like a 5 minute drive, I know we are getting near as I sniff the in coming air from the air vents on the car. When i can smell the woods i start jumping around, I look out of the windows, I see trees. Wow i cant wait, i circle round and round, wanting to get out and start marking my scent. we park up, and get out, Dad gets his wellies from the boot, I want to go off with mum and start sniffing. This has got to be my favorite day of the week. Lots of tree's, we walk for over an hour in here, I cant wait to get to the next tree. After the 5th tree I've emptied my tank but i still lift me leg up, its just automatic. Puddles I'm not too keen of, my back legs go a bit funny, like I'm walking on three legs, however mud... I love mud, I can get up to my elbows on mum and get a muddy tummy. I also get to meet many other dogs. This is a bit of social networking. I still have soo much energy after the walk even though i have little legs. we hop back in the car, and start driving home, while I'm wrapped up in a blanket drying off on mums lap. As soon as we get home mum takes me upstairs for a quick shower, while dad puts on the Sunday roast. I don't mind the shower, I get to smell all nice again. When I get out and dried off, I run around like a mad thing, free and naked. Running over the bed wiping my face on the duvet.  We all goes down stairs and I eventually start relaxing on the sofa.  I spot dad though the serving hatch cutting up the veg for the roast. This is another good thing about Sundays.

Sunday Roast
While day is preparing the veg for the lovely Sunday roast he may wave an end of a carrot at me. I come running, I cant get enough of raw carrots. If its nice and sunny i will send sit by the front door in the sun gnawing on the carrot. It may be small to my parents, but it take a long time for me to eat it. I may even get the trunk of the broccoli too. This makes my breath and farts smell good, well nice and rich anyway. Dad is very good at getting the Sunday roast all together. It seems to take ages too cook, and makes my tummy rumble. When its time for putting the dinner out they fetch my dish and make a little mini roast dinner for me and with some gravy too. I want it there and then, but they leave it to cool down, this seems to take ages. When its down it doesn't take long for me to eat it and have to lick all the gravy off my chops afterwards. We then all have a cuddle on a sofa. I'm still knackered my my Sunday walk, and its not time to sleep for a bit. However my ears are now tuned to the fridge door. Every time it opens i know there is cold meat left overs. I'm quite happy to sit on dads feet every time the fridge door opens in case some drops out on my. I get my fair share of treats and with this lovely looking face I have, my parents cant resist in giving in and giving me some of that cold meat, nom nom nom. I also know they next day when they make sandwiches I'm in with a chance to get more yummie meat from the fridge. that big white box has some amazing things in it for my little tummy. 


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