Bailey would sleep in his bed all night, this is in our bedroom. He used to snore a little some nights, bless him, probably dreaming of his teddy which he would cuddle up with. The alarm would go off at 7am, he would then do his stretch and jump on the bed to make sure we were woken up. Walking over our pillows, giving us kisses, and would then dive under the covers.  Once i was ready to get up a few mins later, Bailey would follow me out of the room wait out side the bathroom door. Then run down the stairs with me following him. Then he would do some more stretches while I opened the kitchen door, run circles around me as I was approaching the back door to let him out for tinkles. 

Nice to have warm breakfast during the colder months, so I'd pop in Milk in the microwave ready for Weetabix, and have the kettle on. Keeping an eye on the back door for when he was ready to come back in. I'd get his food ready to pass though the hatch into the lounge. He often wanted to play, so laying on the floor he would jump on you, warming his cold feet up. The funny thing he done on the 4th March 2014 was warm his feet up on me, then get off to whizz along the carpet on his bottom (must have had an itch) then he would jump back on me again. Such a cute little guy. 

We would then walk towards the lounge, he would be a few steps ahead of me. The lounge door never clicks shut, and he can push it with his paw and it opens. (On the 6th I stood in front of this door and it didn't open as he is no longer with us, I broke down in tears) I'd would then put my breakfast down on the arm of the sofa and put his breakfast down, and keep an eye on him as he likes Weetabix. He would then sit on my lap, wait for me to finish breakfast and ask to lick the bowl, he loved his Weetabix. Then he would go and have his breakfast. If I had a stretch he would then jump onto my shoulders. He had soo much personality. I would take the breakfast things out to the kitchen and he would wander upstairs and hop under the covers back in with Sarah. He did like to keep warm.

By about 8am I would be almost read to set off to work, and say goodbye to Bailey and Sarah as they lay in bed. On the day of his his last walk, Sarah sent this last photo of him, not impressed and wanting to go back to sleep as he laid under the covers all snug.

Bailey under the covers
Bailey snug under the covers saying let me go back to sleep mum. Photo taken at 8:43 on 4th March 2014


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